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Headshots - Actors, Opera Singers & Musicians


I take 100 shots in a session, so you have the opportunity to try different outfits, (formal or casual), change your hair/make-up; guys can have a shave half-way through if they want. And we'll work on expressions, too, some serious, some happy, some in-between. What I aim to do is to give you a great choice of different looks, appropriate for a range of different roles and venues.

I've been doing this a long time and I know that, generally speaking, most people find this a painful process, "I'd rather be at the dentist", as one singer succinctly put it! But I'll make it as painless as posssible for you, we'll take our time, have a cup of tea/coffee, discuss your particular needs and ease our way into the session.

Sessions take as long as they take, I never time them, so you won't feel rushed or pressured and, hopefully, by the end, you'll find it wasn't as terrible as you feared!

Usually, I'll have the photos on-line in a password-protected section of my website for you to view the same day. You can take as long as you like to make your choice and I'm happy to help you make it if you want my advice.


The session price is £90, which includes three images on cd, touched-up for minor skin blemishes & stray hairs etc. Although I take and store the photos in colour, the finished images can also be supplied in black & white.

Additional images are £8 each.


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